Reverse Health is the first women's only 12-week weight loss program that focuses on female physiology.

Our mission is to empower women to achieve a healthy body and mind at any age, so that they can feel confident, youthful and joyful, positively impacting their relationships with their family, friends and community.

We made it our goal to give you the tools and knowledge to not only lose weight, but also to sustain a healthy weight, increase your lifespan, reverse symptoms of aging and learn invaluable mind tools to help you stay committed.

Here at Reverse Health, women’s health and well-being are top priority. When you join our community, you share our vision for healthier, happier women at any age. Therefore, we donate to a cause supporting women in need. In 2021-2022 we raise funds for Breast Cancer charities.

Thank you for being a part of our movement!


We have been helping women to live healthier and happier lives for many years in our professions as nutritionist and health coaching.

Matt: "Reverse Health was born when my mum (I'm English!) asked me for advice on how to lose weight.I realized she needed a different, unique approach to losing weight, one that factors in female physiology such as hormonal changes when entering menopause. It pained me to see how many fad diets are out there, with big promises but no long-term results. So that's when I knew I had to change something - and create a program myself to help women feel the best at any age. Reverse Health was born.

Ex-Director at University of Oregon
Sports Nutritionist at West Ham United FC

Monika: "My reason for co-founding Reverse Health bears similar motives. I've not only witnessed my mom and her friends go through countless diets without success, but also many of my clients have reported struggling with symptoms of aging, such as lack of energy, sleepless nights, unwanted weight gain, etc. One day I was asked: "How can I reverse all this?"

Head of Program
Mindset and Lifestyle Coach

- Reverse unhealthy habits.
- Reverse those stubborn pounds.
- Reverse the mental fog.
- Reverse the sleepless nights.
- Reverse the lack of energy.
- Reverse the hands of time.

That's how the idea and name were born.So we teamed up to create a science-based program to help women lose weight, become healthy again and ditch the diet mentality. Because our promise to you is...this is the last diet you'll ever do.

You can delete the app after 12 weeks because you'll have all the knowledge you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and maintain the weight you want.

We started Reverse Health because we wish for our mothers to age gracefully, healthy and strong. And we can't wait to have you join this movement, too.